Gluten Free Restaurant Cards

If you’ve ever tried to travel internationally with Celiac Disease, you know that one of the most daunting things is dealing with a language barrier. Standing in front of a mirror and practicing saying “je suis Coeliaque, est-ce que c’est sans gluten?” a few times is a little different from trying to figure out if a restaurant has a dedicated gluten free fryer. And that’s where a gluten free restaurant card comes in handy.

If you’re traveling with Celiac Disease to a place with an unfamiliar language, traveling with a Gluten Free Restaurant Card to eliminate the language barrier will make your life infinitely easier.

I’ve been to places like Chile, Tanzania, and parts of Europe where the language barrier is real, and it can cause anxiety and take the fun out of traveling. 

But I have a secret weapon. 

Now, I always travel with a gluten free restaurant card from Jodi over at Legal Nomads, which is translated into the local language by a native speaker and includes a note about cross-contamination. 

P.S: Don’t see a language here that you wish I had (and there’s plenty of them!), email me at and I’ll see what I can do.

 Disclaimer: This post contains affiliate links to the cards from Legal Nomads. If you click through and purchase a card, I get some commission for sending you at no additional cost to you. A win-win. I use them myself, and would never recommend something I don’t stand behind 100%. 

Gluten Free Restaurant Cards: Making Gluten Free Travel Less Stressful

I’ve been there. 

You’re in a restaurant abroad, the waiter comes to take your order, and you explain to him that you absolutely cannot have gluten. In English or broken French. 

The Waiter nods along, but when your plate comes, there’s a side of bread on it. 

Traveling with Celiac Disease can be hard. Anxiety inducing. Frustrating. 

What if I told you that you could make gluten free travel easier for under $10?

Gluten free restaurant cards are a must for those of us who travel with Celiac Disease.

I’ve traveled with them over the years. They’ve been tremendously helpful in helping me navigate the world gluten free when there’s a language barrier.

spanish gluten free card restaurant
greek gluten free restaurant card travel
portuguese gluten free restaurant card

Use a Gluten Free Restaurant Card to Get Safe Gluten Free Food Around the World

Why do I recommend Jodi’s cards over a) not using cards at all or b) the free versions out there? They take the guesswork and Google-translating out of the equation and help me get Celiac-safe food every time.

  • Eliminate the Language Barrier – no more wondering whether the server understands your broken French. 
  • Translated by Native Speakers to help you navigate the world 100% gluten free.
  • Avoid Cross-Contamination by educating the chef to avoid ruining your vacation with an accidental glutening.
  • Includes localized tips about ingredients and dishes to avoid in each country. 

Have a question? Looking for another language? Let me know! I’m always happy to help. 

Here’s the full set of gluten free restaurant cards. Grab one today to safely and confidently travel the world with Celiac Disease.

spanish gluten free card restaurant
greek gluten free restaurant card travel
morocco gluten free restaurant card
celiac travel card japanese
portuguese gluten free restaurant card